Back Forty Gravel Grind

Gravel enthusiasts rejoice! This route will take you right through the heart of the Back Forty.

Gorgeous gravel roads lead you deeper into the Back 40.

Back Forty Gravel Grind

Perfect for the gravel cycling enthusiast, this 55km loop connects to all kinds of hidden detours and showcases the heartbeat of the Back Forty. This itinerary wanders off the main loop and is closer to 65km long. You'll pedal past scenic farms, through tree-covered canopies, and enjoy stops along the way to fuel up on delicious treats.

Distance: 65km

Difficulty: Moderate

Bike Type: Gravel

Highlights: Quiet rural gravel roads, farm scenery, food

About the route

All of our suggested bike routes are public roads, maintained by the Township of Huron-Kinloss.

Please use these roads responsibly, and be aware to share the road. You may encounter other vehicles, slow moving farm equipment, large farm equipment, horse and buggies, off road vehicles and/or licensed golf carts.

Some tips for everyone's safety:
  • Take steps to be highly visible to others
  • Plan your route in advance
  • Obey all traffic and municipal signage
  • Be vigilant and follow the rules of the road
  • Ensure your bike is maintained and has a working bell
  • Don't ride with earphones
  • Respect private property and stay on the suggested routes
  • Use suggested routes at your own risk, if you feel unsafe, please get off your bike and walk
  • Use appropriate caution at intersections
  • If you see road maintenance issues, please report the issue immediately to:

Where can I fill up?

Water bottle filling stations and bike repair stations are located at the Lucknow & District Sports Complex, Point Clark Lighthouse public washroom and Lewis Park in Ripley.

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