Campers and Cottagers Rainy Day Checklist

Rain won't go away? Not a problem in the Back Forty...

The ice cream at Holyrood General Store is the scientifically proven perfect size
Huron-Kinloss is a popular destination for both campers and cottagers. While we all cross our fingers and toes for perfect weather while on vacation; sometimes rain just happens. However, this doesn’t have to get you down. No need to stay in your tents, trailers or cottages, there is plenty to see and do on a rainy day in H-K. Here’s our Back Forty Rainy Day Checklist to get your camping or cottaging crew out and about.
While we love sunny days, we also welcome the rain in the Back Forty. It’s what allows our farmers to do what they do best; grow really good, really fresh food for you to enjoy. The next time you’re visiting Huron-Kinloss while it’s raining, smile because you know our farmers are.

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